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UH OH- YOU'VE ENTERED THE SCHIZONET! You've found yourself in THAT area of the Wired, a revamped remnant of the Wired West emboldened to attempt to worm its way into the minds of impressionable netizens... Will it work?

We here at SM are just a couple of dudes making whatever we want and saying whatever we want just because we can. We hope to make some cool shit along the way that we ourselves would enjoy if we were on the content consoomer side of things here, whether it be podcasts, webseries, or anything else that pops into our demented little minds.


That is a threat.

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Freddy Freaker 01/27/23 Switched things around, made the old homepage the new Cinema Cyberia page

01/27/23 Ah, I think I'm getting the hang of this

01/27/23 Not entirely sure how this is all supposed to work but I'm figuring it out

01/27/23 Finally actually got to work updating this site, "borrowed" some code from another neocities site to do so, so thanks, whoever you are

Coming Soon To An Interface Near YOU! Cinema Cyberia A new web series chock full of late-night cinema watching action! Enjoy classic and cheesy public domain films as if you actually had friends to enjoy them with!

Kidding aside, as fans of MST3K and goofy, cheesy film in general- we hope to soon be able to at least try to recapture that cozy feeling we all remember when we'd wrap ourselves in a blanket on a cool summer's night, turn off the lights, and share some laughs with Mike, Joel, Servo and Crow and enjoy some really goofy movies.

Brought to you by - 21st Century Sucks! - and remember to pass the tapes!
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